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They are pretty good , I have bought several from them. I did receive a shotgun from them that had a small blemish on the receiver and I returned it and was very satisfied with how fast they handled it and it didn't cost me anything extra.

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Just make sure you look over the gun before it gets transferred into your name or you will be dealing with the manufacture. I also bought a Colt from them , and it had a blemish on the hammer. You could not see the blemish until the hammer was cocked and I didn't do that until I got home to clean it. I dealt with Colt on that and Colt handled that to my satisfaction , all I wanted was a new hammer and I would install it.

They asked for a picture of it and then sent me a new hammer and I received it in a few days. Joined: Jun 14, Messages: 15, Location: Illinois. None of the FFL guys around here that I have talked with will deal with them any more. I don't know exactly why.

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Now how does transfer fees work? I have had mostly good experience with them.

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Shipping has been extremely quick, and prices are fairly low in comparison to others I have tried. The whole deal with two different prices is a little irritating to me- it costs more to use a credit card than to send a check or money order. You have to take the time to inspect the gun carefully, and I made that mistake once also. I have to pay 20 bucks for the transfer. I can say that I have heard a few horror stories about them but that has not been my experience. I've had good experiences buying from Bud's, but all my transactions with them have been "in house" as they have a satellite store near me in Sevierville, TN.

As part of the sale, you get 30 minutes of range time at their indoor range. Unfortunately, I live too far from them for that to be convenient. I order a gun and when it comes in, my wife and I make an afternoon of it.

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The Bud's web site has a list of preferred FFL dealers that have worked with them. I'm not sure how well they keep it up to date. Bud's insists that it is the customer's responsibility to inspect the firearm before accepting it. All of my purchases have been in good shape so I have not tested their "reject policy". I've bought several handguns from them. No problems. I have ordered from CDDN and prepper gun shop with no problems. They are the cheapest around.

I run a small internet gun store, any of the big guys are fine I wouldn't worry if I were you. I have purchased from quite a few so for brevity I am just going to list them and assign them a score out of ten based on my experience, prices, shipping cost, shipping speed, etc. I don't have an exact count, but probably have bought 35 or so guns online.

That includes sending out a mail order to a guy on gunbroker. Never had any issues with Midway USA, though I will say they tend to be on the pricey side if you're not buying during sales. No problems with any of them and Bud's is generally my go to for a price check. It's , do you do other online shopping and banking? What is the issue? Just seen a fair share of reviews complaining about inconsistency. Just doing some research before i make my first online purchase.

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I had a good experience with Bud's, but it was for a holster, not a gun. They had what I needed I was having no luck anywhere else and for a great price. I have better luck and treatment from a local shop. That said he does from time to time employ a shitheel for vacation and such purposes. I do not go there on these occasions.

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  • Cake Day. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. What have been your experience with online dealers? I am amazed at the range of comments for Buds. It runs the gamut of "Great!

    FAQs & Useful Shopping Tips for Buds Gun Shop

    If it's coming from a wholesaler to Buds to my FFL dealer, how about letting me know? I try to buy and support my LGS, but not when they are raising prices outrageously and now have an attitude of "Why are you bothering me at the gun counter? Patience was never something I practiced a lot. MinervaDoe Mar 4, I will definitely use them again. DAKA Mar 4, BUDS had a good price, took a few more than the days TxGun Mar 4, I've never had a problem with Bud's, and I've probably ordered at least guns from them.

    I usually get my guns in business days. You have a weekend in there, so that will delay yours a bit. Mark2Glock Mar 4, I recently bought a cz rifle from them as they were the only one to have a left hand gun so had no choice. It took a week to get it and no problems whatsoever.

    I am satisfied with them and would highly recommend them. If you want it right freaking now then go to a gun store and get it for much more and only if they have it. Good luck with that around here. TheDreadnought Mar 4, About a year ago I found a used gun online at Buds. When I inquired about purchase I was told it was a "Team Buds" gun and for additional money they would allow me to join the team to buy the gun.

    I was sorry to let the Team down, but other places will gladly take my money as a free agent. My last online purchase was from Grabagun and I received the pistol within a week. March Mar 5, Grabagun consistently has better prices on Glocks than Bud's. Rocknropes Mar 5, I've ordered several guns from them.

    Wild West Online Gun Shop in Canada

    Usually takes a week to a week and a half from order to FFL. In my experience. Scrappy Mar 6, Big Dog Dad Mar 8, All is good! Placed the order last Wednesday and when I logged on this morning, I got the Fedex tracking number. I now understand the e-check process and time-frame. Two days to FFL and I'll have a new toy to play with. Thanks to everyone for their comments. Darkangel Mar 8, Depending on where you live and how fast the store is up to 2 weeks.

    Big Dog Dad Mar 10, Not bad now that I understand the e-check time period. Waiting for my FFL to get it logged into his system and I'll have a new toy.