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Powerful W motor Multifunction arm with 3 drive positions 3D mixing system - 'Multi motion drive' Automatic cable rewind. We use cookies. It performed admirably in the pizza dough and chopping tests, with only a brief second of struggle as it powered through the dense dough ball.

A short tap was enough to send the blades spinning in a way that felt much faster than the Cuisinart or the Breville. The result was a slightly louder and shriller food processor, but it made short work of turning our vegetables into a fine mince.

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Hamilton Beach also resolves one of the most common frustrations of owning a food processor: the frequent battle to lock in each piece perfectly. As advertised, the bowl stacks and the lid snaps into place without the fumbling assembly that seems to be a rite of passage for beginner users. We had to cut the chopping test short to prevent the nicely minced onion from becoming mashed onion, but somehow we were still left with large slices of garlic.

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When we used the Hamilton Beach attachments, our tomato came out mostly smashed, and nearly half of our mozzarella ball failed to make it through the shredder, getting stuck between the disc and the lid. All of our top picks are dishwasher-safe, but if you need to hand-wash or quickly wipe clean between different types of food, Hamilton Beach takes a little more work.

It hosts a few ridges that trap food, making it the hardest of our picks to clean. From there, we collected user reviews from Amazon and Bed Bath and Beyond and compared highly rated food processors from other review websites. This gave us seven of the most commonly praised food processors.

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These food processors come from respected brands and largely range from 11 cups to 14 cups, large enough to handle cooking for a family without taking up too much real estate on our countertop. And while that fell in the range Gilletz suggested, we also decided to include the 9-cup Ninja Food Processor because of its popularity and high ratings.

We ordered seven food processors and put them to work chopping and kneading. We set up our first test to find out if our food processor motors were strong enough to handle the bulky weight of kneading pizza dough.

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If any of the food processors slowed down under the pressure or stopped entirely, we started to question whether they could handle other dense foods. On the other hand, food processors that could work this extra-dense dough without a struggle could be trusted to handle tough ingredients.

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The best food processors pulsed the mixture of flour, salt, and yeast mixture into a ball in less than a minute and spent the rest of the prep time whirling the dough ball around the pitcher. The Cuisinart outshone the competition by repeatedly dropping the dough into the blades, resulting in a nice, even mixture. Most food processors simply chopped off the bottom of the dough ball and spun those pieces back up to be mixed in again.

Next, we tested how well the sharp blades of each food processor handled common foods.

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Would it chop evenly, or would we have large carrot chunks mixed with mashed onions? Would we have to pull out our spatulas a dozen times to scrape the bowl as food climbed the sides, or did the bowl design make it fall back in naturally? To find this out, we took garlic cloves, onion, bell pepper, and a large broken-up carrot to each bowl, then pulsed the blades in hopes of achieving a finely minced texture.

We also used this test to look into how easy it was to add ingredients into the bowl.

Mini Chopper Wars ~ Ninja, KitchenAid, Cuisinart, & Oster ~ Mini Food Processor Review

The Kenwood FPM Multipro Sense Food Processor is a powerful, convenient and intelligent food processor that combines rugged durability with state-of-the-art technology to bring you unrivalled food preparation. Smart functions Helping you to Includes 10 accessories Power: W 2 speed levels Capacity: 3. Capacity: 0. Vibrant, foam-free smoothiesEver left your smoothie in the fridge overnight only for it to turn a funny colour? With a large 2. Top features: - Adjustable slicing size for exacting recipe requirements- Big bowl for big jobs- Slip-resistant base and comfortable handle for safetyAdjustable slicing sizeTurn your kitchen into an easier place to work with the Top features:- A variety of functions to facilitate your cooking activities- Commercial-grade motor to get the job done properlyA variety of functionsChop, slice, grate, mix, whisk, knead and more with the Magimix C Food Processor.

Compatible with KitchenAid stand mixers Makes ravioli Stainless steel. No reviews yet 0. Compatible with a range of KitchenAid stand mixers, the stainless steel attachment helps you to create delicious ravioli to enhance your meals.