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And that was the only movie I did and that was hell, so that put me off ever doing costume again. And then Tristan Webber, who is a very good friend of mine, I started working with, doing shows with him. So I was doing a bit of everything, which was really nice. And then a few years after that I started teaching at St. Just doing it part time. But we had backing in Tokyo, and it was like we had control over our own label but with backers.

It started really slowly. And I just loved it.

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It just really sat well with me and I got a lot out of it and truly enjoyed it. Around or Simon was in London, and they mentioned my name. So they passed my number on to Simon and I got a phone call from him. And the rest is history I guess [laughs]. I very much am, like I said, all about 3-D, the architecture, the structure of it. So normally, in terms of concept, instead of the idea of a narrative or an idea of taking inspiration from architecture or something, for me it generally comes from an idea of cut.

So I will design around that and start directly on the mannequin with the fabric. The entire thing was Swarovski chainmail crystal, and that was when it first came out. And I think Vivienne and Versace were the two designers to first get it. So we did the most amazing draped wedding dress with this crystal mesh, and it actually took yards and yards of the crystal chainmail.

It came in rectangles of about 10 inches by 15 inches or so — and you have to link them all together first and then cut your pattern out. So we did this entire wedding dress, draped over a corset. And It was beautiful, really, really gorgeous and very sexy, you know sort of all squished in, cleavage up to here.

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Draped crystal, this white crystal wedding dress. Really beautiful. Sounds absolutely amazing! I miss London for my friends. I had a friend who lived in Marrakesh, so we used to go down to Marrakesh on a Friday evening and come back Sunday. The fact that in Europe you can go somewhere so easily and quickly and be somewhere that is so unbelievably different.

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In America you have to go a really long way to experience something really different — different language, different food, different people. So that is what I really miss is just Europe and the closeness of everything. London was my base, but then I worked a lot in Paris and then after that Tokyo.

And London and Tokyo are two enormous cities.

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So much smaller and so much more cozy. I live centrally and I love that there is an amazing sense of community here.


You see faces and then run into them all the time, which to me is nice. It feels a lot more community based. What designers, past and present, do you most admire — besides the amazing ones you have worked with? Paul prefers not to be defined by a singular design style. Mid-Century Modern, Urban Contemporary, and Chic Rustic are just a few of the styles he's taken on over the past five years, all having a slight edginess and a bit of the unexpected.

A recent comment a colleague made about one of his commercial designs was that he wanted to "live there".

Paul couldn't have said it any better as that's exactly how he wants you to feel when you walk into a space he's designed. Paul describes himself as an instinctual designer. He used to handwrite the address on every outgoing package himself and wait in line at the post office to create a shipping label. Now, Shopify creates his shipping labels for him. After boxing and weighing his orders, all he has to do is affix the label to the package and drop it off at a shipping dropbox. Couple the time saved with automatic shipping calculations and the Shopify shipping discount, and it's easy to see how Buffalo Made Co.

Sometimes I would just throw a ballpark shipping cost onto an order because I didn't know for sure how much shipping would cost. It's true that Rob was successful with BMCO before switching to Shopify, but the platform has given him the ability to successfully scale his business to where it is today. This past July, Rob's dream of opening a physical location came to fruition. The online store is still his primary sales channel, but Rob enjoys other advantages of having a brick-and-mortar.

His space, located in the heart of downtown Buffalo, reflects the true nature of his brand. He can create more content for Instagram and validate the quality of his products. Because he now has room to store extra inventory, he can create product in larger batches which lowers his cost per item. And to top it all off, he has a distraction-free office space to do his design work.

That sentiment has certainly changed after nearly a decade of investments made around Buffalo. It can be said without a doubt that Buffalo Made Co.

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You can check out all of Rob's newest designs on his website, buffalomade. Buffalo Made Co. If you have a Shopify store like BMCO, or are thinking about starting one, you can now offer your customers cheap, same-day delivery and keep track of your inventory across our nationwide network of mini-warehouses in real-time.