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A healthy competition which has the whole country and the rest of the world cheering for their favorites. We at Itzza Pitzza are rooting for Karachi Kings.

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PSL Pakistan super league will have 30 league matches and has started on the 14 th of February and will last till 17 th of March PSL Pakistan super league has 6 teams and all have local and international players. PSL Pakistan super league has some amazing matches which has the whole country stuck to their screens and what better way to enjoy your match then with a few slices of Pizza.

There are three deals which can save you a handsome amount and also fill you up with great taste and nourishment.

Our Pizza is made from topnotch ingredients and we never compromise on our quantity or quality. Our servings are healthy and great in taste. So if you are looking for the cheapest Pizzas in Karachi we are what you are looking for. Our repeated customers, growing sales, and excellent customer service can gratify that we are serving the best pizza in Clifton, the best pizza in Karachi and the best Pizza Deals in Karachi.

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The right amount of Mozzarella Cheese, which looks divine and tastes exceptionally good; the perfect bread, with soft yet crisp dough and a good handful of filling. You should rest assured that we go through all these checkboxes and all the materials used are fresh.

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We take pride in always maintaining the highest standards when it comes to quality and our prices are pocket-friendly. Do give your suggestions on how you would like to modify your Pizza and we can tailor it for you.

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We recommend you to try our bundled deals such as PSL Pizza Deal 3 Pakistan Super League and our prices and offerings will also bring you to consider out deals to be the best pizza deals In Karachi. Our Pizzas are cheap, great in taste and perfect to fill your appetite.

So head over to our shop or give us a message or call and say Cheese!

Best Pizza in Karachi, Sindh Province

Best pizza in Karachi: When it comes to real sustenance in Pakistan, Karachi is the place to be. This delightful city offers an assortment of cooking styles, with decisions in both local and worldwide nourishment. Regardless of the genre of food you require, Karachi has something for you at every corner. Try the Half and Half Pizza of California Pizza which has become one of the best Pizza outlets in the country; order Chicken and Creamy or get Beef and something cheesy to pay for one pizza for the price of one. Are you the one who prefers desi over foreign. Well we've got your back, try our Chicken Tikka Pizza and feel like real desi.

A post shared by California Pizza californiapizza. Thanks to the many teenagers and youngsters that have fallen in love with California Pizza, it is becoming a go-to Pizza joint for its services and ambiance. You can also order extra toppings and get hot pizza at your doorstep or even at the many outlets throughout the city. They are celebrating October as the National Pizza Month and gives us all the more reasons to fall in love with Broadway Pizza; go there for a inch stuffed crust pizza and get inch stuffed crust pizza for free with 4 Broadway sauces that have a distinct taste not available everywhere.

Large enough to satiate your appetite with just one slice, each bite of Broadway's inch Pizza has a different story to tell! Not to be confused with New York Coffee that is more into breakfast stuff but one thing is for certain — this New York has influenced Karachi, big time. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

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