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As much as I would have loved to use this coupon on the shampoo, and I thought about it!! I realized that getting 2 shampoos for free was just going to hurt all us couponers in the long run. Being that we are in Socal it is already hard wtih no doublers but when you have people misusing the coupons that we do get I believe that the companys will start lowering the values, using more strict verbiage etc. It effects all our future deals when people misuse and I think some people are just stuck in the greedy I want it now!!!

Totally agree with you Gaby. Someone at Clairol goofed on the coupon language.

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Simple as that. We all know that the coupon is intended to be use on hair color regarding the verbiage. We been using this coupon for hair color only. Unfortunately some people want to take advantage and this is only going to cause that in the future the stores will inspect our coupons carefully before we use them.

We complain of how the stores treat us when we use our coupons, but some people is causing this.

At least I consider my self a honest couponer and I will not use this coupon for shampoo. I have a good friendship with the cashiers at the stores and I wanted to keep it that way. Unless, HE is a subsidiary of Clairol, in which case the coupon may not apply.

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The verbiage on that coupon is unclear. We already get hair care products for free or for very little oop. I now know why there were people yelling at my cvs this morning really I would definately go with the picture at this time I got about 40 for about 5. I want to thank you Josie for taking this stand on this. I was very frustrated that people were taking advantage of this and had people buying everything off the shelf one person and their family bought over 50 bottles. How are people buying so many?

What store even carries that many?! I want to go there not for the he All the cvs by me are always out of everything and never get a second delivery in a week. Having a coupon that is misprinted or represented is the fault of the company. We can not change it and people are taking what is printed at face value.

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We are not mind readers and can not guess what the company meant. He did exactly what I asked. How would he know I meant at 11 am if I did not specify? This is a huge company and to think they are losing money its not happening. You can get hair color for cheap if you used the coupons for that purpose. This is nothing more than a tool to get more buzz and people in the stores to purchase their products. Valid point. I am not very familiar with bar codes, but I thought that these new bar codes were supposed to prevent fraud or a coupon to be used on another product other than what ir was intended for?????

Just some additional food for thought. I find this topic interesting. From time to time I see deals on blogs and the moderator tells us to print the coupon on line using another zip code. However now everyone has an issue with the fine print on these coupons. All stores make decisions on there coupon policy and my cvs takes any amount of coupons as well as a few of my riteaid am not here to justify how many coupons I use if a store allows it then I do it if they dont then I use four but as I seen clairol admit there wrong and will honor the coupon we all coupon different I only do what the store allows.

Just because a store allows you to use more coupons then what is specified on the coupon, does not make it right. You as the consumer should be following all the rules when it comes to couponing, otherwise, in the end, you are hurting everyone. Oh, and Clairol also said that yes, they will reimburse for the coupons that have already been redeemed for HE, but they hope going forward that people will no longer use the Clairol coupon on HE shampoo since they want to continue to offer coupons for the Clairol Hair Color.

I did not catch that on the coupon. I guess my mind automatically assumed it was for the hair color only. I agree with Josie.

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I would not use the coupon except for hair color. Last, but hey try it anyway despite what I just said. My POV — get what you need to take care of your family — but bottles? It so bothers me to see people selling the stuff they get with coupons. Use it, give it away, donate it- but selling it BUGS me big time.

Heidi, why does it bug you so much? What if that is what they want to do to support their family? Just my two cents. So I went to CVS, Walmart and Target and got over and all the coupons worked at all the stores and now I read that it was for hair dye. The coupon says Clairol product so how are we to know that herbal essences is not a Clairol product, this is just to confusing for me. I thought that you could not sell products that you buy with coupons? I was told you could go to jail for that. I keep some and I give to my friends, family and I donate most of it.

I agree that bottles is overkill and leaves none for people who just want a couple. Be fair, if you are going to do that, preorder because it gets customers angry an they end up taking it out on employees that have nothing to do with it and ruining it for honest couponers.

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