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A love coupon book. COUPON 2 years ago Lucky for you, we've got a collection of non-lame, fun, and actually useful "coupons" for you to print, share, and enjoy with your partner.

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See more ideas about Love coupons, Coupons for boyfriend and Boyfriend gifts. Don't hand them out all at once. Hide one in a jacket pocket, brief case, etc. Put one in a card and mail it to his work. This fun and playful D. Y coupon book is the perfect way to add some romance to your love life! It would make a very cute and sweet gift for a couple getting married or an anniversary gift or COUPON 3 days ago FTD by Design has a coupon book that has 30 love coupons inside that can be redeemed for a back rub, home-cooked meal, dinner out, a nap, day in pajamas, and many more.

All of them are left blank so you can fill in your own ideas. There's also a matching printable cover for the coupons, which you could leave off and use the coupons for Guaranteed fulfillment of your wildest fantasies in bed. Grocery Shopping for one weekend Completely Free. Holiday Dinner with your family. A long drawn-out Good Morning Kiss guaranteed to make your day. Any three jobs you want done in the yard or garage.

An undisturbed sensuous bath for two. Dedicating a romantic song on your favorite radio music station. A night of strip poker guaranteed to provide a wild time. An erotic love letter hand written on scented paper. One weekend getaway at any destination of your choice. Half an hour of romantic cuddles anytime you want. Ten minutes of silent and complete attention during an important talk. A night of playing your favorite game.

A list of ten reasons why I love you. One quick trip to the store when you are out of aspirin. A completely original love poem written just for you. Any chore you want done for one whole week. Fifty kisses with a whole lot of loving thrown in Absolutely Free. Design each page of your coupon book. For practicality with Word, it's a good idea to use the same design for every page of the book. You can use a couple of different designs by creating a few different designs on Word and printing each 1 out multiple times.

Measure your page and take note of the halfway point. Put 1 coupon on the top of the page and the other on the bottom of the page. Print your coupons from Microsoft Word. Once you're happy with your design, click "File" then "Print" in Word. Word will show you a preview screen of your design before you decide to print.

The Details

Print on different colored paper for a cool looking design on your coupon book. Print your design page separately. Fold the pages in half. Lay each page flat on your table or work surface. Pull 1 end towards the other, placing the 4 corners together. Double-check to make sure that you have the corners lined up.

Flatten out the crease in the middle.

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Cut along the fold in the middle of the page. Use scissors or a paper cutter and cut right across the crease along the middle of the page. When finished, you should have 2 halves of paper, each with 1 coupon.

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Draw a line across the page in very light pencil if you need to. When you've cut all of the pages, you should be left with a front cover and a significant stack of coupons. Use a hole puncher to put holes in each coupon. When you're using the hole puncher, punch 1 coupon at a time. While you can do more, the puncher might get stuck and struggle to punch through 2 layers of card-stock. Punch the holes at the left side of each coupon. Try to punch in the same spot every time. Place the front page facing down and lay the coupons on top. Before you attach all of the pages together, make sure that you have all of the coupons facing the right direction.

Start by putting the front cover facing down and place every coupon on top of that, with the coupon side facing down. Attach all the pages with ribbon or twine.

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Ribbon will make the book look fancy and twine will make it look very artisanal. Feed either material through the first hole and then up through the second hole. Tie it together when you've fed all of the material through the holes. Fill in the design page and each coupon. Use a fancy pen and take your time writing on each page so you don't make any mistakes.

There's a wide variety of things you could write in the coupons. For example: [9] For young kids, you could write coupons letting them pick a movie to watch, to stay up past their bedtime, or to play a game. For a boyfriend or girlfriend, you could have a coupon for a romantic dinner, a massage, or to let them watch whatever they want on TV. Give the coupon book to the person you made it for. Make sure you've filled in every page before you give the person the book.

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You can wrap it up before you give it to them or tell them to close their eyes before you place it in their hands. Method 3. Get a wooden box to put your coupons into. You can use an old jewelry box that's been lying around the house or buy 1 at the local arts and crafts store. The wooden box doesn't need to be very big, you just need to be able to fit the coupons into it.

If the box looks old or dirty, you might need to paint it.

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  5. Use grit sandpaper on the wooden box. Before you paint the box, gently rub the inside and outside with grit sandpaper. The sandpaper will make the wood much nicer looking and smoother, and it'll make it easier to paint. Lay down newspaper under the box before you sand to protect your work surface. Apply primer to the box before you paint it. You can get primer at your local hardware store.

    Use a small brush to apply it to your box. Prime the entire box, inside and out. Use smooth, even strokes on the wood with the brush to evenly apply the primer. Remove the hinges with a screwdriver if you don't want to paint them. Paint the box once the primer has fully dried. Find out the favorite color of the person you're making the book for and use that color to paint your box. Dab the primer with a tissue after 4 or 5 hours to check if it's dry. Inspect the tissue and if there's no primer on it, you can apply the first coat of paint.

    Use a small brush and paint with even, measured strokes. To paint the corners, put plenty of paint on your brush and push it into the corner.